Friday, February 24, 2012

Book Review: Sh*t My Dad Says

Somewhere near the 1 a.m. mark, I was bored and was desperately fiegning for something to read. Of course, like any tech savvy person would do, I pulled out my phone and began scanning through the android market for something to read. After searching, I found SH*T MY DAD SAYS. Of course, the title drew me in and the mixed reviews made me even more intrigued, especially when they all had the words 'hilarious' or 'funny' in them, even if the review was bad. I paid the $9.99 for the book and began reading and genuinely laughed while reading.

SH*T MY DAD SAYS is a book explaining the main character's, Justin, relationship with his father. His father, though very education, often uses curse words to express his feelings, but Justin reveals this is because of his poor upbringing in Kentucky, his struggle into education and his stressful job as a scientist. Through the muck, Justin's father gives many life lessons that make Justin stronger and in the end, realizes that his father loves him and his brothers more than anything in the world.

It's a crude book filled with more f-bombs than a bar at night. Some of the language would even make a drunken sailor say, "Hey man, watch the language," but all-in-all, the book was great. There were many reviews claiming that the book was too crude, too rauncy, too this, too that.

Rather it makes sense to everyone doesn't matter because it was Justin's relationship with his father. It perplexed me a little bit that Justin's father was a cancer researcher in nuclear medicine but he spoke like he never completed seventh grade, but that's what makes the book so genuinely beautiful: it's ironic. You'd never think a man that curses so much and is so crude could love his family as much as he does--which is what the book is trying to express.

If you get past the lack of transitions, descriptive words and eloquence then throw in a lot of curses and funny statements, you have a book that is genuinely charming and funny. I loved it.

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